Enrolment Policy


The Catholic School is a community whose mission is to provide its members with an education which takes place in an environment formed by Gospel values and the authentic teachings of the Church.

All members of the Catholic School community have a duty to work towards the achievement of this aim. Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga is responsible to the Bishop for developing, monitoring and evaluating education policies for the Catholic Diocesan Schools.

The CEDWW website address is ww.catholic.edu.au The Principal of the school is responsible for enrolments, in accordance with the CEDWW Enrolment Policy.

Enrolment Criteria

When the enrolment applications exceeds the school’s intake capacity, the hierarchy of priorities
will be followed.

  1. Baptised Catholic children of regularly worshipping Catholic families with strong
    demonstrable links to the designated Catholic parish or parishes. For secondary colleges,
    students currently enrolled in CEDWW Primary schools receive priority for enrolment in a
    secondary college.
  2. Siblings of children already attending the school whose families have demonstrated
    ongoing support for the ethos and values of the Catholic Church.
  3. Children of families who have ‘special pastoral circumstances’ as assessed by the
    Enrolment Committee or, where appropriate, the school Principal and/or the parish priest in
    conjunction with the Principal.
  4. Children of Catholic families not covered above, or who are outside the local designated
    Catholic parish.
  5. Children of regularly worshipping families from other Christian denominations.
  6. Children of families from other faith traditions who are prepared to support the ethos and
    values of the Catholic Church.

Enrolment Procedure

  • Children commencing Kindergarten should be at least five years of age by 30th May in the year that they commence Kindergarten. It is a strong recommendation that children turn five in the year prior to enrolment. Variations from this guideline must be discussed with the Principal and comply with school policy on flexible and accelerated progression.
  • Enrolments open in March in the year prior to commencement.
  • Enrolment applications must be completed on the official ‘Application to Enrol at a Catholic Primary or Secondary School’ form and lodged at the school by the said date. All relevant documents, as per the enrolment form (eg. birth certificate) must be attached to the enrolment form at the time of lodgement.
  • Parents, with their prospective student, may be invited to attend an interview with the Principal of the school to assess the readiness of the child.
  • Parents are notified in writing of the outcome of the application. Where there is not a place available, at the parents’ request, the child’s name may be placed on a waiting list. A referral will also be made to neighbouring Catholic Schools where vacancies may be available. If a position becomes available the application will be re-considered.
    Education of a child in a Catholic School requires commitment of parents to the payment of the annual School Fee Account.
  • Families with children who have special needs are required to inform the Principal at the time of application for enrolment.
  • Orientation/Transition Programs for incoming students are usually held in Term 4.