To live in love and truth
To live in love and truth
To live in love and truth

Welcome to St Anne's Primary School, North Albury!

St Anne’s school provides a learning environment where students are supported and challenged to become independent learners and where respectful relationships are key to building self belief and confidence.

At St Anne’s we provide a balanced yet individualised learning structure to meet students needs. We embrace current thinking and technology in supporting our learning.

St Anne’s is a community that welcomes all and embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our school shares a strong relationship with the Sacred Heart parish and together we have a strong focus of nurturing Faith in a positive environment.

Come and see for yourself, how our professional, current and caring environment makes a difference. Here is where we challenge our students to be confident and moral-driven citizens in the wider community.

Why not join our Vision for the future as we welcome you and your family to our community?

Acknowledgement of Country

St Anne’s Primary North Albury acknowledges and pays respects to the traditional custodians, past, present and emerging, of this land of the Wiradjuri people. Who long before us lived, loved and raised their children on this land.

We also acknowledge all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in our community and acknowledge their physical and spiritual connections to their land.

We come together to learn, to share and to journey together.

The artwork displayed in the St Anne’s office which was gifted to our school by students from Yuendumu, Northern Territory

Child Safe Statement

Every school in the Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga affirms the dignity and worth of all children in its care.

Children and young people have a fundamental right to be safe and to grow and develop in environments that are free from violence, exploitation and harm. The safety and protection of children requires a commitment from all levels of the community. At the same time, the community has clear expectations that children, while involved in Church ministry, will be protected from all forms of harm including sexual, physical and psychological harm as well as ill-treatment and neglect.

Catholic Education, Diocese of Wagga Wagga is committed to:

  • Fostering a culture of safety for children and vulnerable adults
  • Best practice preventative systems and processes to ensure safe and supportive environments for children in its care
  • Responding appropriately to disclosures of abuse and concerns of inappropriate behaviour